The Best Available Security Solutions

There are so many different fields these days in which there is the need for elevated security. For example, in casinos and night clubs, there is the need for machines that can verify that the patrons are above the required age limit, to make sure that they do not get in trouble with local law enforcement. Then, jewelry stores and super markets require Close Circuit Television in order to ensure that no theft is happening. Also, sometimes corporate offices need a system by which they can keep track of the number of hours their employees are putting in. For all this, different security companies have devised sophisticated electronic systems.

All age verification documents will have the age of the applicant encoded into them. Like in drivers licenses, the age of the license holder will be stored in the chip that is contained within the license. There are ID scanners that can determine this encoded age in just a single swipe. This will be a great help in determining the age of the person, and also to eliminate the human error factor, because everything is done by a computer. What is more, fake documents will instantly be recognized. These scanners begin at about four hundred dollars, and the top range ones are around thousand one hundred dollars.

These days there are Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in practically all convenience stores and outlets that have products that can be stolen. It is not just offices; you can install a CCTV system even for your home. It would be the ideal security precaution; you can use it to keep an eye on your residence at all times, and protect your family and belongings, because you can view a live stream from the cameras on the internet! These systems start at around five hundred dollars and end at thousand four hundred dollars.

Corporate offices are always looking for a simple and fool proof method to keep an eye on all their employees. This is quite a big task, but these days security companies have come up with a great solution. There are biometric fingerprint time clocks, which record the arrival of an employee using their finger print rather than the traditional punching card. This means that workers can no longer punch a friend’s card and clock fake attendance, reducing the fraud probability to zero. What is more, all these clocks have a capacity to hold reports of numerous activities of employees, which is an added advantage. Depending on their price, the biometric clocks can hold two thousand to five thousand different finger prints.

A lot of restaurants and casinos have paging systems. The typically used overhead paging system can be rather intrusive. These days there is a new system by which the servers can be paged as soon as the food is ready in the kitchen. This means that the food is served hotter, and also servers can spend more time with the customers.

Then there are biometric safes that will open only with your finger print as the password. They are ideal for storing a laptop, gun or anything else tat you feel is valuable. They have a bright display even in dim light, and the operation is very fast.