Small Business Security Options

In every small business and even big ones, the worst that can ever happen is having a data breach from the outside or by an employee. This is every businessman’s nightmare and the results have in the past brought down very large corporations. So if a data breach can bring down a large company, what about a small or mid-sized business? This could mean the end of the road for that company as it will probably never recover from that mess and even if it did, they would have to spend a lot of money trying to repair the company’s image.

The damage, however, will already have been done. The most important factor is ensuring that sensitive information is well secured. This data can sometimes be breached through a natural disaster or other causes. The best solution is to back up you company’s data.

So many security products are on the market, but to check why you would want any of the available small business security solutions you will need to check all possible options. Many of the security options available for businesses take different forms and have a multi-layered approach toward security protection. This can be evidenced in cases where management tries to protect the business’s physical assets and limit access to business data and by encrypting data so there can be little or no tampering with sensitive data. This can be the solution to breaches of any company. The need for encryption was highlighted when the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary was obliged to pay a $1.5 million fine to the Department of Health and Human Services because it had failed to secure the health information of patients.

Viruses can take three forms. Macro viruses are contained in files and written in macro languages, most commonly for Microsoft Word and Excel. Boot sector viruses are spread by diskettes or memory sticks. Program viruses are contained within program files. Viruses can even affect cellphones, as in the case of the Mosquito virus, which appeared in 2004. It caused cellphones to dial charge-per-call phone numbers that ran up the victim’s phone bill.

In a scenario where a company has many PCs and servers, every one has to be protected from malicious programs every single day. The available options will include installing and running up-to-date anti-virus software that can offer the business internet security without any difficulty. Every year, millions of hackers gain access to various businesses and infiltrate data with viruses, leading to crashing of machines and data loss. Recovering data will be expensive and time consuming if proper backup is not done in time.

Most of the small business security solutions should offer an all-in-one package. Data has to be protected, entailing that office computers are protected from external attack.