Excavator Security: System Analysis

Construction equipment and building sites as a whole have been notoriously targeted by thieves over the past decade or so. However, with new security systems being focused on improving plant and excavator security, these criminals are being cracked down on and more and more thieves are being brought to justice.

Once upon a time, it was relatively easy for thieves to steal high-tech construction equipment. It was dependent on site marshals to ensure the security of this equipment and then hope that the sites were not targeted by criminals. In the construction industry as whole, there was ignorance towards the problem and everyone was guilty of ignoring the problem. However, with the introduction of excavator security systems, this is no longer the case. Security systems have combined with equipment databases in recent years in order to significantly improve the security of construction equipment and mean that site owners can focus on building as opposed to worrying about security.

Excavator security systems are almost impenetrable when it comes to ensuring that equipment is unstealable. Time and time again, these systems have demonstrated that they make equipment significantly more difficult and unattractive to steal, and that in the case of a theft, the equipment is very easy to recover. How does it do this? Features of a typical excavator security system are as follows:


An immobiliser means that an excavator can be remotely shutdown in the event that it is stolen. In the event that this happens, the user will simply be able to control the equipment from a computer. The excavator will then be immobile until the immobiliser is reset.

Tracking System

GPS technology means that equipment can be traced and located to within two square metres of its actual location. This means that the owner of the equipment can see exactly where his expensive equipment is at all times. In the event that the machinery is stolen, an excavator security system will make it easy to trace even if it has been hidden out of eyesight.

Specific usage times

Users can set specific times in which the equipment can be used. This is particularly useful for sites with fairly certain working hours. It is possible, for example, to set the excavator security system so that the excavator is disabled between 5pm and 6am, meaning that it cannot be taken during the night.

Tamper Alert

This means that should anyone attempt to tamper with the excavator security system, the user will be alerted immediately. The system has a built in device which can detect any vibrations or power interferences which hint towards someone attempting to tamper with the system. If the potential thief does manage to disable the box, the owner will already have been alerted to this fact.

Tow Alert

Should someone attempt to tow the excavator away, the system has motion sensors which are able to detect this happening. The device will be able to tell the owner if someone is trying to manually move the excavator as it will be moving without the engine being on. The system will then alert the owner.