Sending Your Clients Information to Enhance Their Experience

Do you have an opportunity to send information to your clients on a regular basis to help enhance their experience?

Recently I went on a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona where my family has a timeshare at a great resort. The day before we went down, I looked up the weather forecast and events that were going on for the week that we were going to be there.

This got me thinking about why the resort doesn’t send information to their clients a couple of days beforehand so that the clients don’t have to scramble figuring out information prior to their trip. A simple email with the forecast, the resort events, local events and other pieces of information that people might find of interest.

What can you do to enhance your client’s experience?

Here are 3 tips you can use to help send your clients relevant information to enhance their experience:

1. Ask for permission – Before you send information to your clients make sure that you get their permission and tell them why you will be sending them information.

2. Inform your clients with relevant information – As in the example of the resort, make sure that you are sending information that your clients will find beneficial or helpful.

3. Make it a continual – Depending on what information you are sending, make sure that you stick to a schedule. For example, the resort should see who is coming down a couple of days in advance and then send them information for the following week. If you are in sales, perhaps you can send quarterly “New Product” information. Just make sure that you have a schedule and that you stick to it.

If you are stumped for some examples, here are a few that might get you started:

Hotel: Send weather information, local events

Realtors: Information on the neighborhood, important dates – like school registration dates

Sales People: Manuals and training information, updated product information

Doctors: Any information that someone would need to know prior to their visit

Auto Repair: Reminder with the ability to schedule drop off time and a ride to work

There are a lot of companies that are missing a great opportunity to enhance their client’s experience. By informing your clients with relevant information that they will find beneficial, you raise the bar compared to your competition and also increase your likelihood of having your clients recommend you to other potential clients. Think about what you might be able to offer and just get started on this.