Keep Your Appointment Book Full Using Scheduler Software

For every business, customers are the key to success. For service-based businesses, keeping a full appointment book is the ultimate goal. There are a couple of easy features in appointment scheduler software that can help to keep your appointment book full.

The first way to keep your appointment book full is to remind your customers of their appointments, so they don’t forget about them. You can send email appointment reminders directly from scheduler software. It’s easy to pull a list of customers who have an appointment scheduled between specific start and end dates. Then you can format an email with the subject line, salutation, and text of the email including merge fields for appointment time, type of service, description of service, and service provider. That email can be sent to the list of customers who have upcoming appointments. Your appointment scheduler can send out email reminders every day to a list of customers who have appointments scheduled the next day. Emailing appointment reminders will help eliminate no-shows.

Another way to keep your calendar full is to schedule recurring appointments. This may not be applicable to all service-based businesses, but it is a very efficient way for tutors, for example, to quickly book multiple visits for a customer all at one time. When your scheduler is booking the appointment, they can simply click on the repeating appointments button and select whether an meeting should be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Scheduling recurring appointments is an easy way to fill up your calendar.

A waiting list is also a helpful feature in appointment software for keeping your sales calendar full. A waiting list keeps the names of customers who would like an appointment sooner than the date they already have booked, or would like to schedule a specific time or employee. So, if a customer cancels an appointment, your scheduler can look at the waiting list to find another customer who can fill that open time slot.

If your appointment book is not as full as you would like, you can use your past appointment information to solicit new appointments. You can send email messages or prepare letters directly from your scheduler software. The emails or letters could contain marketing messages about your services with special offers or promotions that may appeal to your customers and make them want to set up another appointment.

These easy and fast tools can be found in scheduler software and can help keep your date book full. Email appointment reminders, book recurring appointments, keep a waiting list, and send out promotional marketing emails and letters to book more appointments for your business.