Top Six Questions To Ask Before Outsourcing Your Office Support Services

Before contracting out any part of your business activity, you need to undertake a vigorous thinking exercise so as to ascertain the real viability of the outsourcing process. Sometimes outsourcing maybe the only thing that you require to solve your problems but it may also be the beginning of your business failure if you do not handle it properly. You need to determine what is good for your business and go for it. If you are planning to outsource your office support services, here are the key questions that you need to find answers to;

1. What benefits does your business accrue by outsourcing these services?

In most cases, people talk about cost reduction and increasing the efficiency of their businesses but there is much more than that. Is it that you want to give more focus to your in-house activities or you want to make some elements of your office support more flexible so that you improve the quality of services you are currently offering?

2. Do you have the relevant skills and desired experience to manage your relationship with your new partner?

Once you settle on the idea of outsourcing, then you are shifting away from your norms. For instance, before you settle on outsourcing office support services, you need to determine whether your team of employees has the desired knowledge and skills in contract and performance appraisal to help you in evaluating the state of your relationship with your new partners.

3. Does your outsourcing service provider match the level of your business needs?

Critically evaluate whether the service provider matches your goals and objectives. Determine whether you have a common vision because this is going to establish the ground upon which your partnership shall thrive. The outsourced partner should play a role in driving your business forward and help you to achieve your objectives swiftly.

4. Is outsourcing going to improve your business performance?

Do not focus solely on the cost cutting aspect as the major driver to your outsourcing motive. Evaluate the larger picture and determine the effect of outsourcing office support services on your general performance. The service provider should be able to help you gain access to new skills and competences so as to help you achieve efficiency and effectiveness in your business.

5. How is the financial health of the service provider?

The quality of the services being provided by your desired partner should not blindfold you to overlook their viability in terms of financial stability. You could be getting the best services but one day you wake up and you are informed that the service provider closed business due to financial difficulties. Have a look at the financial stability of the service provider as well as their cash flow, leverage and liquidity levels.

6. How safe is your information in the hands of a third party?

Determine the security measures put in place by your partner that ensures data security. Remember that you are going to trust someone else with some of your crucial information. How prepared are they to secure this information? What policies and practices have they put in place to secure your emails, files, and information in general?


The fact of the matter is that outsourcing provides you with benefits that you cannot afford to miss out on. But before you decide to follow the route of outsourcing your business support services, find the right partner with the right qualities. The only way to find such a partner is by asking the right questions that will help you a great deal in finding the perfect service provider.