Cloud Services – The Future for Business

Outsourcing is the latest ‘buzz word’ for many companies across the globe and with new technology coming in all the time, many tasks across organisations are sent to outside workers. There is, however a new revolution in technology known as cloud computing which can be a great advantage to a business looking to outsource a different kind of service.

In a nutshell, cloud computing means that you can use a server from outside of the company which in turn allows all the PC’s and laptops in your organisation to become part of its network. This means that your employees can work on any computer in any part of the world. This can work out to be a very cost effective alternative and while financial benefits are important, there are several other advantages with the whole process.

These days, the main issue with computer data is one of safety and a huge amount of sensitive and confidential information is stored on company PCs. Needless to say, it’s imperative to keep this data safe and away from competitors and individuals.

Using cloud computing to have data centrally stored is an instant answer to this problem. On the external server, it remains completely safe and password protected in its entirety so it is only seen by the people who need it.

When you have an employee travelling across the world on business, it can prove to be a logistical headache to have them transporting company equipment and data overseas. Countless claims are put in for stolen laptops every year and the risk of theft is heightened every time that employee travels.

One solution to this has been the use of portable data such as a USB memory stick or a CD but these can be easily lost. Portable storage brings its own problems and there have been many cases of sensitive data being discovered from devices that have simply been mislaid.

By utilising cloud computing you take away the dangers of travelling with sensitive information and the employee doesn’t have to take any equipment with them if they don’t need to. Simply by logging in at any of your locations, they can access all the information they need without any safety issues.

Security is paramount for any business and with the increase in technology, data has never been more at risk. The simple process of cloud computing deals with all safety issues permanently.