SMS Marketing – The Strength of SMS

SMS is one of the fastest growing and most innovative ways to reach a large audience. This is because SMS provides a targeted and secure means of delivering information to your existing customer database. A simple SMS can initiate conversation, encourage recipients to take action and ultimately lead to more transactions.

Bulk SMS can provide your business with new and powerful global opportunities. Recent SMS related statistics speak volumes, and here are just a few: there are over 5 billion active mobile subscribers globally; SMS has a read rate of 90% in 15 minutes[1]; and even though SMS generally makes up less than 5% of total marketing budgets, a quantitative analysis of leads recently reported a response rate of leads generated through SMS marketing exceeding 35%[2].

If you still need more convincing, here are 5 reasons why SMS is the more effective way to communicate with your customers:


With SMS you can virtually reach anyone. Australian operators are likely to have more than 25 million mobile subscribers in 2011 as migration and business adoption continue to drive growth whilst almost everyone in the developed world owns and regularly uses their mobile phone as a primary source of communication. Customers can be reached almost anywhere, provided service coverage permits, locally or even globally. Furthermore, an SMS lands straight in the hands of the end-user unlike many alternative mediums which often get lost in the cluttered world of advertising.

Cost effective

The cost of communicating via SMS is far less than any alternative. SMS campaigns offer a great amount of flexibility in pricing, and can be tailored to any budget with a guaranteed success rate.

Customer Engagement

2-Way SMS allows you to communicate one-on-one with your customers, driving engagement by allowing an end user to participate in a dialogue with a brand. This can help distance the campaign from a static advertisement and add an element of interaction and connectivity between the brand and the customer. Efficient, simple and clear communication creates a loyal and active customer base. Mobile originated campaigns (using a Virtual Dedicated Number) allow for customer initiated conversations and provide your company with new leads.


Existing customer databases allow marketers to target customers based on specific demographics or other relevant customer information. This allows marketers to communicate using personalised and relevant material. SMS can be delivered in a timely and relevant manner, which increases the relevance of the marketing message, therefore generating a large response. This also results in a lower opt-out rate in comparison to other communication mediums.


There are numerous value adding applications for using mobile messaging, for example, reinitiating relationships with past customers, strengthening your loyalty program or communicating current marketing offers and promotions.