The Advantages Of Having A Company In Panama

Panama is a business friendly country. Since the 1990’s when the government became a democratic one there have been business friendly laws put in place to encourage new foreign investors to come into the country to establish a new commercial or industrial business. It is a fairly routine procedure to set up a new business or corporation there. The economy is one that is considered by international standards as quite stable. And the government can be considered to be very pro business. They are also said to have a very low crime rate as compared to other countries in Central or South America. The newly refurbished and expanded Panama Canal is also a big business draw.


When looking for Panama company registration you might consider the Colon Free Trade Zone. This free trade zone is partly in the Colon area and also has been established as new warehouses in the Harbor area which incorporates about 130 acres for warehouses. When you want a Panama company registry perhaps the free trade area is the place to look. Certainly it benefits from fact that in this area there are no Capital Investment Taxes and local and municipal taxes are not administered on companies operating in this zone. Furthermore all shipments to and from the Free Zone are not taxed to and from anywhere in the world.


Since the emergence of the democratic government in Panama the people who have run for office have largely based their political platforms on zero corruption. It has a fairly low unemployment rate. It has a strong business community based in large part on businesses related to banking, tourism, commerce and trading. It has a strong gross domestic product growth rate. They also has the largest free trade zone in the Western hemisphere which is also the second largest in the world. With approximately 1800 companies located in the Colon Free Trade Zone the area thrives in part because of the modern container ports, facilities and the Pan-American Highway, plus a train system and modern airport cargo facilities which allows goods to be easily transported just about anywhere in the world.

Other Advantages

Offshore Panamanian corporations which are considered to be non-resident and Private Interest Foundations do not pay any tax on their offshore income. There are no capital gains that are paid unless it results from the sale of real estate which is located in Panama. Shareholders of these corporations don’t pay any tax when there is a stock sale or something is transferred unless that item is real estate located in Panama. Also there is no inventory tax.

Why It Is A Good Choice

With a Panama company registration you can have company directors from any country. The currency is pegged to the US dollar and Panama actually used the US paper dollar for all financial transactions. The banks there will hold your money in the currency of your choice. These are good reasons for a Panama company registry.