Preparing to Do Business in China: Chinese Business Culture

If you are preparing to do business in China, chances are that you have already identified a reliable business partner there. This is an easy way of getting to know how things are done and avoid getting in to problems with the law. The Chinese authorities are known for their tough control on businesses and having a trusted contact there can make things easier for a foreigner.

Currently, China is head and shoulders above the most prominent world economic players including the Unites States and Germany. Its economy has seemingly emerged unscathed in the recent world economic melt down although most European economies are not out of the woods yet. Analysts have indicated that the Chinese middle class are willing to spend more thanks to the increase in amount of their disposable income. The demand for goods and services from foreign countries has therefore gone up.

One thing that distinguishes a Chinese business person with those from other parts of the world is the close connection between their culture and business. Their business etiquette borrows heavily from their age old traditions. Learning their culture and respecting it is a sure of increasing the trust between you and your Chinese business partner.

One of the most vital factors that a Chinese business person considers before getting in to any kind of business agreement is the level of trust between himself and his foreign counterpart. This can be cultivated through getting background information about each other.In fact, it does not come as a surprise that a Chinese would want to know one’s marital status, the size of his family and many more since they attach a lot importance on family life.

Chinese business persons are very time conscious. As such, they would take reporting late for a business meeting as lack of respect. They take protocol and seniority issues very seriously. Taking time to learn such traditions in detail is therefore very crucial. Generally, the Chinese greet each other by slightly bowing and nodding. However, their business etiquette does not rule out shaking of hands.

Being humble is part of the Chinese culture and any gestures to such effect should highly be appreciated failure to which it can be taken as disrespect. One way of getting information about market and potential competitors in China is through a business partner who stays there. However, one should not expect to get all the relevant information after just few business meetings with his counterpart. China business news at offers a wide range of information including the Chinese business culture.