How to Get Creative? 8 Steps You Can Take Right Now!

Being creative is about thinking in a different way that you are used to. Here are eight steps you can take right now to get inspiration for your next masterpiece.

1. Carry a notebook everywhere you go

Creative ideas can come from anywhere. You may be sitting on a bus and thinking to yourself or lying in bed trying to sleep. In any case, inspiration can come from anything you saw, heard or smelt. Whatever ideas come to mind, make sure that you have something to write them down.

A notebook and a pen is always handy to have around, but if you happen not have them on you. An application like Evernote is a good way of putting down your thoughts.

2. Relax

How many times have you come up with a creative idea when you’re stressed – or when you have had other things on your mind? That’s right, not very many!

We tend to come up with ideas when our minds are clear. And it has the chance to run wild with no distractions. Or when you’re in the middle of a routine, say taking a shower.

Relax whenever you can and reflect on past experiences. Make a note of what you were feeling when you came up with a good idea and use that feeling next time you need to be creative.

3. Create an inspiring workspace

You spend a lot of time in your working space. Whether it’s your office or home study, you can organize it so that it provokes creative thinking.

Get rid of clutter that distracts or prompts you to feel that you need to clean up. And surround yourself with pictures (or items) that relax you and invoke emotions that get you in the mood of thinking differently.

4. Go for a walk or jog

So you’re stuck on a problem and not getting anywhere by sitting at your desk thinking about it.

Then it might be a good idea to go outside for a walk or a jog. This exposes you to an endless supply of things to use as inspiration. Not only do you get some fresh air, but also you’re alone with your thoughts.

5. Put on some music

This is about setting the mood and getting you in the right frame of mind.

You don’t necessarily have listen to music. There many other ways you can set the mood, such as letting the sunshine in the room or drinking coffee – it’s completely up to you.

What works for me is listening to classical or lounge music to relax my mind. However, what works for me may not work for you!

6. Sit somewhere and just observe

This is similar to taking a walk where you collect and process everything around you.

Sitting down somewhere where there’s high amount of people passing by serves the same purpose as going out for a walk. Although you could sit down at a park, you can also go to a cafĂ© or your favorite bar and watch what’s happening around you.

7. Talk to other people

Go outside and talk to other people. Social interactions can help you develop your thoughts and ideas.

Talk to a co-worker about your problem, and during that conversation a word might trigger a response in your mind for a new idea. Your co-worker can even give you feedback and help you build on your line of thought.

8. Do something different

When it comes to creativity – It’s all about opening your mind to different stimuli.

That’s why everyday you should break from your routine at least once. Take a different route to work, eat something different, try out a new sport or go for long hike up mountain or through the forest.