How Candles Are Innovating

It’s time to take stock of the changes that have occurred in the past year. We were able to overcome all obstacles and find new ways of moving forward, despite the many challenges we faced. We had to adapt our ways of working and running businesses, learn new methods to learn online or at school, change our shopping habits, and rethink how we spend time together with family and friends. The common thread between all these changes is the ability for innovation.

Over the last some months, our needs have also changed. We no longer need expensive lipsticks that nobody will see underneath our masks. Designer handbags are no longer needed. We are looking for comfort and lingering in our memories, something that will make us feel a little more at ease.

Many ways have candles helped us. They can transport us via scents. This allows us to reach a destination we missed, bring back memories, or expand our senses by using innovative scents. We are always looking for something new, so candle makers have made it easy to find that. You can find scents that smell like pencil shavings and bring you back to school, or that transport you to your favorite vacation destination. Some scents remind me of an outdoor campfire. Some scents are soothing after a long day. You can find candles that smell just like your favorite soda, takeout food, or car wash soap.

Consider candles as a way to bring innovation into your home this holiday season. Give your loved one something she will be proud to wear. You can buy candles online and in person for any price. They also have the potential to take you to a different place. Trends for comfort scents such as fir or sugar cookies are on the rise this year. Design trends for nostalgia include jewel tones, exciting texture innovations, and unique vessels.

Candles can help you go back in time to another place and bring that comforting feeling inside.

Candles Make Our World Brighter and Add a Touch of Fragrance to Our Lives

There is not much that is considered normal right now. There isn’t much to be happy about these days with our kids hybrid-learning or homeschooling, working from home, restaurants at half capacity, birthday parties that turn into drive-by events, political and racial unrest, and us working from home. We have learned a few things from this pandemic that will make our lives a lot easier. These lessons remind us to enjoy the small moments that make our lives meaningful.

Enhance Mood and Decrease Stress

The gentle light and pleasant scent of a candle can help to reduce stress. The Sense of Smell Institute’s Executive Director, Theresa Molnar, says that scents can improve mood, stress decrease, sleep improvement, self-confidence, physical and mental performance. Inhaled fragrances can have a neurological effect that alters mood. Light a candle, and be proud of all the achievements in the last few weeks.

Helps Us Move from Day to Night

September 22 marks the beginning of autumn. With it, shorter days and more darkness, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the changing of seasons and light a candle since many of you are spending more time at your home. Once the kids have completed their homeschooling day, you can transition into the evening. This is the time to light the candles and set the atmosphere for the evening.

We need to remember people and places

Many of us are unable to visit our family and friends. We didn’t take a vacation this year. Couples have had their weddings canceled and birthdays have become another excuse to host a Zoom cocktail hour. We all feel different sometimes and it is hard to believe that everything is the same. But our senses of smell are one of the strongest links to our memories. Light the strawberry shortcake candle to recall your grandmother’s kitchen. Then, enjoy the candle you purchased, Recall the scents and memories from those precious times.

Help us Celebrate

Candles are part of all the most important moments in life, whether they be birthday cakes or religious celebrations. You don’t have to be able to celebrate every milestone. You can make a dinner ordinary and festive by lighting a candle at night. These are the daily moments that make up our life.

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