Are You Really Providing Great Customer Service? Tips to Ensure You Are!

Patients at practices are comparing the service they receive at your office with other experiences they have. They no longer look at how they were treated at other dentist office, but instead the service levels they received at retailers, hotels and other service providers. If your practice does not line up with the high standards other have set, you may not keep that patient for the long term.

Here are tips to ensure the patients of your practice become raving fans of your office and a strong source of referrals for you.

*Hire only top quality staff

Trying to save money by hiring low paid, less experience staff will often come back to haunt you. Employees with top skills can command top salaries. The staff is the front line in customer service, make sure you have the best you can hire.

*Treat your staff the way you want them to treat the patients

Leadership is key in setting the tone for customer service. If you are enthusiastic about working with your staff, actively listen to them and treat all with respect, that will be an example they will follow.

*Keep in touch with your current patients

Do not only interact with your patients when you are calling to confirm their recall visit with the hygienist. Let them know you care by sending out oral health related information or be involved in the community. Do it in a “non-selling ” manner and you will stay top of mind with them

*Always go the extra mile

A personal thank you note for referral, a personal birthday card or recognition for a job promotion. Think f ways to show you care about your patients and they will reward you with their loyalty.

*Make patients feel welcomed the moment they walk in the door

It is always important to greet or at least acknowledge a patient who comes to the office. Nothing will make a patient feel like a number than signing in at your front desk, sting down in the reception area without any interaction form your team.

*Ask your patient for their opinion and feedback on their experience in the office

A short “How are we doing?” card at the fort n desk or included with their statement will get you feedback on what to improve or what to build on. Keeping it simple will increase the chance it will be completed. There are also many options to conduct simple on-line surveys too that will get you great information and present a high tech image as well.

Remember that the simple things can make the difference between a great experience at your office and creating a loyal patient for life!