Save on Business Travel With Members Only Programs

Companies really need to save money on workforce travel in today’s tight economy, so everyone is looking for deeply discounted rates on hotel rooms. Some lodging management program providers offer membership programs to business travelers, providing significant savings on hotel rooms, walk-in room availability, and 24-hour lodging support – all without the bother of tedious online price comparisons, finding hotel coupons and or remembering discount codes.

Here’s how it works: Lodging management providers have big business clients who purchase literally millions of hotel rooms each year. That volume drives room rate negotiations that cut business lodging costs for all their clients.

The resulting hotel discounts add up to great savings on workforce travel for savvy companies that sign up for a business savings card with the lodging management provider. Participating companies with drivers, field crews, sales reps and other companies who regularly travel the nation’s highways credit these member programs with saving their companies significant amounts of money each year — often thousands of dollars.

Members are asked to use the business savings card only for company lodging, but membership eligibility doesn’t depend on the size of their business. Whether members come from sole proprietor businesses, small or independent firms, or larger companies with work crews or driving fleets, they’re eligible to participate.

Members register their credit card at sign-up, and are billed after their hotel stay by the lodging management provider, not the hotel. In return for access to the discount hotel rate for business lodging, members pay a small transaction fee for each night of their stay.

Those who join must show their membership card at the front desk at check-in. There is a small, one-time membership fee that sometimes is waived during special marketing campaigns or promotions.

Thousands of hotels are included in the members-only network, including numerous locations within several well-known chains. While the program is particularly good for companies whose employees typically stay in economy or midscale hotels, locations in all price ranges (including upscale) are included.

Reservations are accepted from participating members, but aren’t required. If a room is available when you walk in, you get it.

Easy to join and simple to use, membership programs using lodging savings cards represent big savings for smart business travelers whose jobs take them on the road.