Business Travel – Home From Home

Here’s an interesting quote from the film ‘Up In the Air’:

“You can go into an airport anywhere in the world and instantly know where everything is: they have the same shops, the same restaurants, the same newspapers. We’re comfortable everywhere, yet nowhere really seems to be home.”

It’s true. There’s a certain familiarity about airports globally, especially when you fly on business to some of the more developed and popular destinations.

While you’re away from home on business, you try to make your destination a home from home, if only for a night or two, but it can never replace, or ever should replace, your life back home. You tell yourself that soon you will be back to your usual routine and your real life.

Business travel is a means to an end, but while you are travelling, it IS your life.

That’s why you need to ensure that your ‘parallel existence’ is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

That might mean ensuring your hotel room has a certain bed, being able to order the foods that you are used to eating or being able to continue following your exercise routine.

Business travel should be seen as an extension of your normal life, that sees you carry on your daily habits, even though you are far from home.

If you let it become an upheaval, a nuisance or a spanner in your works, you will only begrudge your travels and grow to dislike your working life, causing further stress and upset.

Create a system, one that lets you live your life, even on the road.

Call home regularly

Stay in touch with friends by text – friendly humorous banter

Have your favourite music with you on your ipod

Pack any favourite snacks or drinks

Pack your own dressing gown or slippers

Bring a good read – something that will distract you from work

Pack DVDs to watch on your laptop

Whatever reminds you of home and your regular routine and comforts, pop them in your luggage.

THEN you will have found your ‘home from home’…